Welcome to our Mid-Season Power Rankings for Hearthstone. This season, we have seen Carleton look unstoppable while the middle of the standings is extreemly tight. With only a few weeks until playoffs, anything can happen!


1. Carleton University

Match Record: 6-0
Game Record: 18-7

The Ravens sit on the top of the standings as the only undefeated team in the OPSE Hearthstone season. The return of Justin “GamerDude” Proulx has brought the team a higher level of consistency compared to previous years. Watch out for their strong Mage, Rogue, and Demon Hunter play as they look to secure the #1 seed heading into playoffs.


2. Fanshawe College

Match Record: 4-3
Game Record: 15-12

The rookie team from Fanshawe has surprised everyone! The Falcons are staying in the race for the #1 playoff seed in their first year of Hearthstone competition. Leadership from Matt “Wiki” Vince has been key to their early season success. Watch out for their Rogue deck which remains undefeated this season!


3. University of Ottawa

Match Record: 3-3
Game Record: 13-11

The Gee-Gees had a rough start to the season. After dropping their first 3 matches, they have bounced back and entered the break on a 3-match winning streak. This University of Ottawa team has had a large amount of success with some of their unique decks as their Druid and Hunter are both undefeated this season. Can they keep their momentum going into the second half of the season?


4. York University

Match Record: 3-4
Game Record: 15-16

The Lions seem to have a large amount of flexibility in their playstyle but have had mixed results. Most of the success from this York roster has come off the back of their strong Hunter and Paladin play. With 2/3 members of their starting lineup in their 4th year – this might be the last chance for those players to take home a championship! Their opening match of 2021 against the Gee-Gees on Jan 13th will be key if the Lions want to compete for a top playoff seed.


5. University of Waterloo

Match Record: 2-4
Game Record: 12-14

The newest team to OPSE had a hard time finding their footing to start the season. The Warriors entered the break with a big win over the Falcons. Despite having the best Paladin record in OPSE, the Warriors will need to improve on their results with classes such as Demon Hunter, Rogue, and Warlock in their remaining 6 matches if they want to find success in this upcoming post-season.


6. Ryerson University

Match Record: 3-4
Game Record: 11-15

This Ryerson squad is the youngest roster in OPSE with a lineup of two 1st year and one 2nd year student. The team has almost 40% of their games this season piloting Warrior but have been only able to post a 30%-win rate with the deck. Eyes are on 2nd year Graphic Communication Management student Robert “Gamer101” Phan to step up in the 2nd half of the season and lead this team into playoffs.


7. Saint Clair College

Match Record: 2-5
Game Record: 10-19

The Saints have a lot of work to do in in the final few weeks of the season. Their Shaman and Warlock decks have been a weakness this season and currently hold a 0-8 overall record. Saint Clair opens with an important match against the Warriors on Jan 12th. With the new addition of Alexis “LEXCEE” Drouillard to their starting lineup, the Saints look to turn things around in 2021.