We have already seen amazing highlights and major upsets this season but the best is yet to come. Playoffs are starting this Feburary! Lets take a moment to look at our top teams in the league and how their season has been so far. With only a few weeks left in the season, can anyonne stop the Gee-Gees from heading into the playoffs undefeated?


1. University of Ottawa

Match Record: 7-0
Game Record: 21-3
Remaining Opponents: U of T, Lambton, Queen’s, Concordia, Waterloo

With an undefeated record, it’s hard to argue against the Gee-Gees. The offensive juggernauts lead the league in goals per game. Raymond “Hexki” Octavious is the league’s leading scorer with 37 goals this season. However, the team is not invincible, falling to 3rd place in the Ontario Collegiate Rocket-Soccer Ruckus League tournament this December. Overall, the Gee-Gees continue to trend upwards as this lineup plays together.


2. University of Waterloo

Match Record: 5-2
Game Record: 18-6
Remaining Opponents: York, U of T, Concordia, Fanshawe, uOttawa

With a tough first half, the Warriors fell twice but face a much easier 2nd half heading towards playoffs. Sean “Middy” Bakker has impressed fans in both series he has substituted in and has shown the great depth of the Waterloo roster. Their season will end with a great matchup against the Gee-Gees which may end up deciding the regular season champion depending on how both teams fare the rest of the way.


3. Sault College

Match Record: 6-2
Game Record: 20-6
Remaining Opponents: Trent, Carleton, Concordia, Queen’s

Qualifying for Collegiate Rocket League (CRL) is no small feat!   Although the Cougars have faltered a few times this season they still remain one of the best in Ontario. Team captain Lucas “Duck” Duckstein continues to tear up the competition, leading the league in overall stats, averaging a individual player score of over 540pts per game. As a team we have yet to see the Sault Cougars prove they have what it takes to be the best in Ontario


4. Queen’s University

Match Record: 6-2
Game Record: 20-7
Remaining Opponents: Concordia, Fanshawe, Ryerson, uOttawa, Sault

Currently in a 4 way tie for 3rd in the league, the Gael’s are in a similar position to the Cougars. The team is still looking to put it all together in time for playoffs. This roster is lead by Hudson “Quantum” Dyesits who side 2nd in the league in individual player score per game behind Duckstein. Matches againt the Univeristy of Ottawa and Sault Collge will be real tests for the Gaels to end their season. It’ll be up to the rest of the Queen’s squad to see if they can stand up to the top teams heading towards playoffs.


5. Carlton Ravens

Match Record: 5-2
Game Record: 19-11
Remaining Opponents: Conestoga, Sault, Trent, Lambton, York

The Ravens have had a great start to the season, including wins over both the Warriors and Gaels. They have also been the only team to push the league leading Gee-Gees to a game 5. That being said we’ve yet to see this Carleton team perform in a high stakes match, and with 6 players splitting play time to this point, we’ll need to see continued to succeed to prove themselves. With the exception of their match against the Sault Cougars, Carleton has one of the easiest schedules remaining. A first round exit this December in Ruckus League left much to be desired from this Ravens squad, but we’ll need to see which version of this team shows up in the playoffs.


6. Lambton College

Match Record: 5-2
Game Record: 17-11
Remaining Opponents: Fanshawe, uOttawa, York, Carleton, U of T

The Lions finds themselves 6th on our rankings after a solid first half of the season. The downside for Lambton is that they still have an extremly tough second half with matches against the Gee-Gees, Ravens, and U of T. Core player such as Matt “Sin” Sawatzky will need to play to their limits if the Lions are to create some upsets. We will have to wait and see how Lambton fairs in these matches but, with many teams around them having more favored schedules, the Lions might find themselves losing ground in the standings.


7. University of Toronto

Match Record: 5-3
Game Record: 17-11
Remaining Opponents: uOttawa, Waterloo, Conestoga, Lambton

Toronto still has a rough road ahead of them as they are set to clash with both the Gee-Gees and Warriors in the next few weeks. The University of Toronto has build a solid roster lead by their core players of Hunter “Retnuh” Toal and Rumaan “Bhatti” Bhatti. The team is capable of playing close matches with any top Ontario schools, but whether they can close out some of these final series will decide whether they will be a favourable group for playoffs.


8. Ryerson Rams

Match Record: 2-6
Game Record: 11-18
Remaining Opponents: Queens, Fanshawe, Trent, Concordia

Thou this roster find themselves far behind the 7 teams above them in the standings, Ryerson is still in a favorable position to take the 8th seed heading into the playoffs. Currently in a 4 way tie for 9th, the Rams went into the break on a low note after dropping their match to the Lambton Lions 3-1.  An upset over the Gael’s could be exactly what the Rams need to bounce back. With only 4 matches remaining, the Rams are looking to pick up momentum heading into playoffs. There are many teams fighting for each and every spot so we’ll have to see if this Ryerson squad can come back from a rough first half and make a meaningful run.


Conestoga College


Concordia University


Trent University


Fanshawe College


York University

Mid-Season Power Rankings by Ben Bramly