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Game Admins


Will X game be added as a title?

In the 2021-2022 Season, OPSE will be focusing on our five titles. More titles might be added in the future if enough interest is shown, however the titles must:

  • Follow our core value and ethics
  • Feature a viable spectating feature for broadcasting and coverage
  • Be appropriate for the post-secondary space

What actions will OPSE take to prevent cheating in games?

Each title is developed by a professional game studio that incorporates a robust anti-cheat system that prevents players from using cheats to give them an advantage in the game. In order for players to be eligible to compete, their game accounts must be in good-standing, meaning the account has not been flagged for any suspicious activity. Players who do not meet this requirement will not be allowed to participate in OPSE.

Outside of the game itself, we have our own admin team making sure that the environment provided is safe for all players.


Where is the $30,000 in scholarships coming from?

The scholarship fund for players comes from the registration cost collected from post-secondary schools entering their teams in the titles.

Can schools enter more than one team per title?

Each school can enter one team per title, ensuring only the best of the best players get to compete with each other to become the champion! The roster for each title depends on the game, more details can be seen in the leagues page.

Are there going to be gender based teams such as a Men’s/Women’s Rocket League team?

One of the biggest benefits to esports is its ability for equality and inclusivity. It removes barriers of physical capabilities. Gaming and esports allows for teams to be inclusive, gender-neutral where any student can represent their school on these teams.